Potty Training in Chicago

The weather in Chicago can vary from day to day, but you don’t want your dog’s potty habits to do the same. The initial step in teaching your pooch to overcome their disdain for the cold or rain is to establish a potty cue. Teaching your dog a potty cue means they won’t need to wait for a full bladder to do their business. 

Start by introducing the cue under normal weather conditions. When your pooch is about to potty (spinning, sniffing, starting to squat or lift a leg), immediately say your cue. A cue can be as simple as “go potty.” When your dog relieves themselves, immediately reward them. 

Identify what your dog wants in order to give her the most motivational reward. With many of our clients at Highrise, their reward may be a Zuke’s treat or Milk-Bone, but for other dogs it may be a tennis ball or petting/praise.

Teach your pup to be quick by only giving the reward after she relieves herself. This may mean simply standing on the sidewalk and giving your pooch little attention until she is finished. As soon as your dog potties, the walk can start!

Chicago Dog Walking

Without the training, most dogs have little reason to go right away. In fact, many dogs have learned to hold their bladder because their owners inadvertently trained them to delay the call of nature by teaching them that once they potty, the walk ends and they’re headed back inside.

By following these simple steps, your pooch will happily relieve herself on your terms, making life easier in challenging weather conditions.