Mobile Grooming

Mobile Grooming

Mobile Grooming is a wonderful solution offering unmatched convenience. Here’s how it works:

  1. A Highrise Caregiver escorts your pet from their apartment to our partner’s Mobile Grooming Salon parked outside your building.
  2. Your pet is cleaned & styled to your specifications by a Grooming Professional in a cage-free environment.
  3. A Highrise Caregiver returns your freshly cleaned pet to their apartment.
  4. You return home to a happy and refreshed loved one!

Full Service includes:

  • Full Bath with shampoo
  • Styling to your specifications
  • Ear Cleaning, pads clipped & nails trimmed
  • Sanitary areas are cleaned
  • Drying by hand

Price depends on breed and size. To schedule call 312-721-0099 or email