Will I get to meet my cat’s Caregiver before I make a final decision? 

Yes! We want every kitty to be perfectly matched with the right Caregiver. A complimentary play date or meet & greet is set up to assure chemistry and a proper fit.

Are your Caregivers thoroughly screened?

Our Caregivers must pass a lengthy screening process in order to be asked to join our team of professional Caregivers. Learn more about our process for selecting excellent Caregivers.

How much advanced notice do you require?

We understand that last-minute emergencies, business trips and much needed getaways are part of a busy lifestyle. We specialize in pairing you with the perfect Caregiver at a moment’s notice! Giving advanced notice is helpful but not required 🙂

May I have the same Caregiver every time?

Our goal is to maintain consistency when caring for your kitty. We will always try to give your kitty the same Caregiver. If your usual Caregiver is unavailable due to scheduling conflict, a temporary suitable match will be provided.

What days are you available?

We’re open 365 days a year!

What happens in the event of an emergency?

Prior to taking care of your cat we will get information from you regarding what to do in an emergency, including the name and contact information for your personal veterinarian.

How much do your services cost?

$20 for a 30-minute weekday visit. $25 for a 30-minute weekend visit.

Which neighborhoods do you serve?

We serve pet families in The Loop, River North, West Loop, Streeterville, Old Town, and Gold Coast.

What happens if my cat’s Caregiver is unexpectedly unavailable?

If there’s an emergency and your cat’s Caregiver becomes unavailable, another Caregiver on our team will happily step in to help.

How will I know how my cat is doing while I’m away?

Our Caregivers communicate directly with clients by email & text messages to give you daily updates which include photos & videos. 🙂

What is the procedure if I need to extend my cat sitting?

If you need an extension for your service and the same Caregiver is available, we will send you and the caregiver a booking confirmation for the extension.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

We’d love to set up a complimentary meet & greet! Please fill out your contact info here and we’ll reach out to you shortly! If you have any questions or would prefer to schedule via phone, please give us a call at 312-721-0099.