Dog Walking Jobs in Chicago

Becoming a Dog Walker

If you love dogs but don’t love your job, you’ve probably considered becoming a dog walker at some point. It’s a highly rewarding job, but being a dog walker in Chicago has its challenges. There are weather and logistical issues to deal with, but the opportunity to spend your day with the most adorable dogs in River North, West Loop, Streeterville, Old Town, and the Gold Coast makes it worth your while.

As a prospective candidate for Highrise Pet Care, the first decision to make is deciding when you’d like to work. Our Caregivers choose their own hours — a luxury that most dog walkers in Chicago do not have.

Next, select the neighborhood(s) in Chicago that you’re available to work. The majority of our dog walking clients live in River North, West Loop, Streeterville, Old Town, and the Gold Coast. We also service pet families in select areas of Lincoln Park and Lakeview.

Getting Started

After your interviews, the Highrise team will match you with pet families who need pet care services at the times you’re available. For most pet owners, their dogs and cats are like their children. We’ll coordinate meet & greets with you and your new clients so you’ll have the opportunity to learn about each pet’s unique needs and to ensure it’s a good mutual fit.

Highrise Pet Care’s scheduling app will have all the relevant info to ensure you have successful visit. If you have any questions during a visit, the support staff in the office is always happy to help!

If you’re interested in becoming a dog walker at Highrise Pet Care, please send your cover letter and resume to!

Dog Walking Jobs in Chicago

Being a dog walker is a highly rewarding job with many exciting challenges.  At Highrise Pet Care, we select dog walkers whom we believe are capable of consistently delivering the high-quality experience that our clients, both pet and human, deserve.

We love dog walkers with experience

We love reaching out to perspective dog walkers who have a track record of success, so we always ask ourselves: Do they have professional experience working with pets? Do they have a customer service background? Our Caregivers communicate with customers on a daily basis, so having customer service skills and pet care experience is essential. Do they appear dedicated? A high grade point average is a helpful indicator that a candidate has focus, but so is a successful background in athletics or the arts.

Chicago’s unpredictable weather

Punctuality is critical because it’s a must-have in the pet care business. We pay close attention to nonverbal cues: did they dress up for the interview? Do they appear enthusiastic and engaged? Additionally, we ask: “Would you be willing to walk dogs for several hours in frigid temperatures?” Nobody loves being in a blizzard, but this way we can evaluate their willingness to go the extra mile, even when the circumstances are tough. We ask this because our Caregivers have to truly love the pets they’re entrusted with. If they don’t, they’ll likely quit first time they’re faced with Chicago’s unpredictable weather. Asking straightforward questions right off the bat efficiently narrows the field of candidates.

Dog walker for a day

If the interview goes well, we then ask the candidate to join us for a full day on the job. Seeing how the potential candidate interacts in the working environment is often more definitive than the traditional interview setting. For example, anyone can tell us that they love animals, but seeing how one of our candidates actually interacts with one is far more valuable to us. We often take this post-interview process one step further and assign the candidate a project with no deadline. If they’re up until 3:00am working on it, we can safely assume that this dedication will remain once they’re hired.

Takeaway Points:

  • We select only qualified and dedicated candidates to interview
  • We ask essential, job-specific questions to make sure they’ll fit in with our business
  • If all goes well, we invite the candidate to join us for a full day in our work environment

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