Excessive Heat Warning: Keep your Pup Safe!

With an Excessive Heat Warning in full effect here in Chicago for the next couple of days, we are taking extra precautions. Our Caregivers will seek shade for your dogs to relieve themselves and will avoid spending extended time on the hot sidewalks. Here are some of our tips to keep your pup safe in the heat.

Pavement Test
If your schedule allows for it, it’s a great idea to take your dog out for walks in the early morning or evening. Otherwise, be sure to use the pavement test that our Highrise Pet Care walkers use. Simply place the palm of your hand on the concrete that you plan to walk your dog on. If  your reaction is to immediately pull your hand away from the heat, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws. Choose a shady or grassy area to walk instead.

Water, water, water
If you find yourself grabbing a bottle of water on your way out the door, remember to also grab a collapsible bowl or a convertible water bottle for your pup! They get thirsty out in the heat just like us, so it’s important that they have access to cool drinking water no matter which route you decide take.

Watch your puppies carefully
Younger dogs might not know when to stop playing in the heat like an older dog would. Pay attention to how much energy your pup is burning while running around at the dog park or out on their walk. Make sure to calm them down if you think they’re getting too excited in the heat and know the signs of heat exhaustion.

Never leave your pup in the car
Even if you’re only running into the store for a few minutes, you should never leave your pup in the car. Even keeping the windows down won’t necessarily prevent your pup from getting caught in a harmful situation; your car can heat up at an alarming rate on a hot day, making this a very dangerous risk for your pooch.

How do you keep your pooch safe during Chicago’s hottest months? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!