8 Games to Play with Your Dog (Excluding Fetch)

Believe it or not, your pup may be just as bored of playing fetch as you are! To help keep things new and fun, we’ve compiled some new game ideas to play with your dog that you’ll both enjoy.

Red Light Green Light
If your dog knows how to sit on command, this game will be enjoyable for them. Instead of saying “red light,” use your usual halt commands like “sit” or “stay.” Use the same strategy but with movement commands for “green light.” This turns into a fun way to freshen up those command skills, while also providing a way to burn off energy.
Blanket Hurdles

All you need is open space, a few chairs, and some blankets. Get creative and drape the blankets over the chairs to make a fun agility course for your pup. This one is great for pups who have a little too much energy, but need to burn it off in an exciting new way.

Simply set up a laundry basket and get your pooch’s favorite ball. Now you can begin to teach your dog a new trick and a new game. This one might take a little patience, but they may eventually beat you in H.O.R.S.E. someday!

Dog Treat Hunt
Take your dog’s favorite treats and hide them around the house like easter eggs. Once you are done hiding the treats, let your dog go and find them. This “hunt” is a great way to both mentally stimulate your dog while also letting them get some energy out.
Stairway Dash
This game is for dogs who are over one year old. Have you dog at the bottom of the stairs in the sit position and then throw the toy to the top of the stairs. Add some suspense to the game by saying “stay” until you want them to “go get it!” Your pooch will go flying to get the toy and let them come back down at their own pace.

Predator Chase
Tie your dog’s favorite toy to the end of a line and have your dog chase the toy around. Think of it as a modified cat toy, but on a larger scale! This game can be played inside or out and does not require anyone to buy any extra supplies.

If you have a soccer ball lying around, try kicking it around the yard when your pup is outside with you. He or she will likely come running and want to play around with you. After kicking and chasing the ball around they will be worn out in no time.

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