Your Pup’s Wellbeing Depends on Walks!

Although your pooch may seem self-sufficient while you’re at work, there are many emotional and psychological benefits to having someone check in our your dog each day. Dog expert Cesar Millan understands these benefits, and even recommends up to three walks per day because of them.

Chicago is a beautiful city that your pup wants to explore… but if you don’t have the time or ability to offer him much exercise, we’re here for you! Highrise Pet Care provides you with convenience and peace of mind, in addition to offering your pooch a friendly visit and consistent exercise as a part of their daily routine. These benefits, along with many others have been researched at length by Royal Pedigree.

PetMD also describes the benefits of daily walks, specifically highlighting the fact that taking your dog for a walk isn’t only to relieve himself. In fact, dogs given adequate walking time are shown to have more manageable energy levels, healthier digestive systems, better social skills, and improved sleeping patterns, among numerous other positives!

So even if your pooch is able to “hold it” while you’re away for the day, there are huge benefits from scheduling regular walks with one of our trusted Caregivers. With that said, let’s go for a walk!