Your Pup is Good for your Health!

We all love our dogs and know that they make us happier people, but studies have also found that your pooch also makes you healthier in multiple ways.

Physical health
Studies have shown that pet owners typically have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure than non pet owners. Plus, since your pup needs regular exercise, you get more of a workout by walking, running, or playing with your pooch at the dog park.

Emotional Health
With all their cuteness, it’s easy to see why your dog makes your happier. Studies show that just 10-15 minutes of petting or cuddling your dog releases hormones such as serotonin and dopamine that will make you feel happy. This mood boost can help regulate stress and help you feel better all around.

New Friends
Dogs are social animals that need friends too, so it’s easy to mingle with other dog owners while your pups play. Bringing your dog around town with you also draws more people to you — everyone loves to meet a cute fur baby! Check out these dog-friendly restaurants that make the perfect place to show off your pooch and meet potential friends.

Becoming a Better Person
Dogs help you learn the patience, commitment, and responsibility that can help you further succeed in other parts of your life. Thanks to all the love, care, and time you give your pup, you’re likely to become less selfish too!