Dog Park Etiquette

Dog parks can be a great place for you pup to run freely, get some exercise, and socialize. However, when visiting a dog park, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to ensure that your dog and other dogs remain safe and have a good time.

Dogs should be at least 4 months old
Young puppies should stay away from dog parks until they are completely vaccinated so that they can avoid exposure to contagious diseases that other dogs at the park may be carrying.

Take your dog off the leashIMG_4727
Though owners may think that it will be easier to control their dog on a leash, leaving your pup on leash may actually cause stress or anxiety while other dogs are running free. Additionally, other dogs may get caught up and tangled in your leash.

Don’t forget to supervise your dog
Though you may enjoy talking to other humans at dog parks, don’t forget to also keep an eye on your pup. If you see your dog engaging in aggressive or bully-like behavior be sure to break it up. On the other hand, if your dog looks uncomfortable or anxious in the park, it might be time to leave.

Never bring unneutered dogs
Unneutered males have high testosterone levels that can make him a target of aggression and harassment from other male dogs. Always have your dogs fixed before bringing them to a park.

Toys and treats
If possible, leave the toys and treat at home. If you plan on bringing them, don’t get upset when other dogs want to join in. If your dog has issues with resource-guarding (if they hoard or don’t like to share), then you should leave the toys and treats at home to avoid any confrontational problems.

Clean up after your dog
An obvious but important statement: no one wants to hang around a dirty dog park or pick up after someone else! Keeping the parks clean and enjoyable for everyone is a common courtesy.

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